What more can you ask for in a musical? Broadway, Gershwin, a setting in Paris, singing, comedy, light drama, Well, apparently for some, you can get more than you want — at intermission, I heard a few people debating the merits of adding “so much” ballet to the mix on one end and the quality of it at the other.

This show — it’s inaccurate to define as just a musical — is really a hybrid of multiple genres, with performers coming from or trained in different art forms: acting, singing, ballet, etc. Leanne Cope for example is a former Royal Ballet star who as it turns out is also an award-winning stage actress. It also helps in this performance as Lise Dassin that her looks — replete with pixie hairstyle — and awkward vivacity are so reminiscent of Leslie Caron who played the central character in the movie.

“An American in Paris” worked for me because I appreciate all genres and I think it works for those who walk in with an open mind,