The Movemedia series of programs has been one reason why a trip to Grand Rapids, Michigam, from anywhere in the world is well worth it for serious dance followers. Each program packed full of new works by new, up and coming, and established choreographers from all over the world offers a great chance to see fiercely creative minds at work and young but competent dancers reacting to them.

This season’s edition is a compilation program, with a world premiere, the lyrical “Joe & Ida,” by Penny Saunders and a ‘playlist’ of the best of the best; works in full or in parts from five years of Movemedia programs.

In different programming order, the works by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Robyn Mineko Williams, Kirk Perterson, Olivier Wevers and Brian Enos seemed fresh and new, which is pleasantly remarkable for this jaded audience member.