Lincoln Center 2018 Emerging Artists Awards

Jerry Hochman

Lincoln Center has announced its 2018 Awards for Emerging Artists, which honor, as the announcement of the awards describes, the outstanding artistry and promising future of artists from the 11 Lincoln Center constituent organizations. Included among the award winners this year are three related to dance: Davide Riccardo, a student at the School of American Ballet, Ashley Hod, a member the of the corps of New York City Ballet, and Preeti Vasudevan, the first dancer or choreographer of Indian descent to be so honored. Hod has been highlighted favorably in numerous reviews in CriticalDance and elsewhere, and Vasudevan’s November one-woman performance at New York Live Arts, Stories by Hand, is included in my list of New York’s 2017 Top 15 in Dance.

Each award recipient will receive a check for $7,500 to be used for career advancement and to support future study, and will be acknowledged at a live performance and award presentation to honor its rising stars at Lincoln Center in March 1, 2018. Further information is available on Lincoln Center’s web site.