Broadway Performance Hall, Seattle, WA; October 3, 2014

Dean Speer

'Beyond Brokeback' with Cole Campanion and Jonathan Dummar. Photo © Colleen Dishy

‘Beyond Brokeback’ with Cole Campanion and Jonathan Dummar.
Photo © Colleen Dishy

Sometimes the saying, “Saving the best for last,” is true. I found this to be the case with Men in Dance’s Program II – stronger choreography and the most accomplished of the cadre of dancers.

Briefly, Seattle’s homegrown Mark Morris’ “I Love You Dearly” made in 1981 to three traditional Rumanian songs was brightly performed by Aaron Loux; “Trouble” by Amy Johnson hinted at the dark currents of a relationship, using jazz motifs; and, always the showman, Bill Evans’ “Blues” tap solo was an extended a capella cadenza.

“Power Tower” was amazing and fun! A strength act, Canadian Darren Bersuk dances on, around, and upon, a free-standing pole – hanging horizontally out, going up, down, and over, all the while exhibiting grace, strength, and control and making beautiful shapes and movement. The kind of impressive act you might see on America’s Got Talent!

Two of the most beautiful dancers came from Bryon Heinrich’s Man Dance Company of San Francisco in “Beyond Brokeback” – Cole Companion, Jonathan Dummar, and Byron Heinrich as the narrator.

Another amazing dancer – almost transparent – was Christian Squires in Robert Dekkers’ “Sixes and Seven” giving us ‘Faun’ like pose and visual references.

“Men in Dance” is a festival that the Seattle area dance community looks forward to and I can hardly wait for 2016!